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Several of the Hatch founders recently reflected on why, in late 2015, we took on the challenge of creating a startup incubator and hub here in Asheville.  We recalled that we kept running into startup founders who thought or said something like, “If I’d known it was going to be this hard,I would have never started this crazy business!  Too many unknowns, too many hoops to jump through, too many lonely moments making tough decisions.”  We decided that the founder community needed a better way, and conceived of Hatch as that better way!

The Hatch AVL Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Asheville, NC.  Hatch seeks to drive economic opportunity and job creation in Western North Carolina by mentoring and educating any entrepreneur who seeks to build high-growth businesses.  Further, Hatch seeks to use the power of this economic growth to make a large and significant impact on the community, its vibrancy, and inclusiveness.

High growth companies are those which, as a guideline, are led by founders who have the ambition and see a path to build a company with at least $1M in annual revenue, and employing or enabling the employment of roughly 10 people. As a result of seeking high growth potential companies, and by seeking a diverse range of founders with an ambition to “pay their success forward,” we expect to boost economic opportunity and create jobs for many, many WNC residents.

Hatch acts as an incubator and hub that delivers its “3 Ps,” that is, “People, Programming and Place.”   Hatch delivers this mission across the region with a team of experienced mentors and founders, “People”, using world-class education and playbooks, “Programming”.  “Place” is the centrally located headquarters and campus in Asheville, at 45 South French Broad Ave.  The campus houses event and education space, common areas for networking, large office spaces, and coworking. 

As a highlight of the 3 Ps, we believe that our mentors are Hatch’s “secret sauce.”  We’ve built a team who can cover every aspect of a startup’s journey, from hatching an idea (pun intended), turning an idea into a business plan, turning a business plan into a successful test market, and turning the test market into a growing and scaled business.

Further, Hatch founders “pay it forward, in the trenches, every day.”  That means that at Hatch you find other founders who believe that it’s just as important that your business succeeds as it is that their business succeeds.  Whether you’re walking down the halls in Hatch, connecting virtually through Hatch’s Slack channel, or attending one of Hatch’s frequent events, you’ll find a helpful partner in achieving your new business dream.


The Hatch building is located at 45 S. French Broad Ave. in Downtown Asheville.

Visitors may park on the street, in our lot to the rear of the building off S. Ann St., or across the street at the United Way (after 5:30 PM).


We’re a registered non-profit dedicated to accelerating entrepreneurship.

Hatch AVL Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. Donations and sponsorships will be utilized towards physical space, out-of-town speakers, special projects, collaboration with University and High School students, and special events. We invite you to participate in accelerating entrepreneurship in our region. Please contact us to get involved.


Our history gets made every day. 



George Glackin, Meg Ragland, Troy Ball, Chad Slagle, Jon Jones meet at Startup Weekend and discuss need for “startups to support startups.” The idea for an incubator is born.


Discussions with Charlie Ball identify the 45 S French Broad Ave building as a strong potential site to house the incubator, and a 4 phase plan, over multiple years is laid out.


A first Board is formed to create the “Asheville Startup Factory.” Board comprised of Jon Jones (Anthroware), Chad Slagle (Mob Rocket), Jeremy Littlejohn (RISC), Josh Dorfman (Venture Asheville), George Glackin (Business Innovation Guides)


Troy Ball (Troy & Sons) and Meg Ragland (Plum Print) join the Board.


“Asheville Startup Factory” name changed to “Hatch Asheville” to fully capture the spirit of our incubator.



Building demolition and Phase 1 construction begins.


Charlie Ball (Ball Properties) joins the Board. Hatch AVL Charter officially adopted with Charter Startup Companies of Anthroware, Mob Rocket, Plum Print, Shiny Creek, Galaxy Digital, UGoTour and LoLo.


Phase 1 move in with Plum Print, Mob Rocket, Anthroware.


Building demolition and Phase 2 construction begins.



Phase 2 move in with Shiny Creek, Galaxy Digital, UGoTour. Mob Rocket moves out and LoLo moves in.


Hatch AVL Foundation receives 501c3 status.


HatchWorks co-working opens.


First Hatch “Pitch Party” takes place to give aspiring founders a fun and informal forum to try new ideas on for size and get more comfortable in front of an audience.


Hatch spearheads first annual “Asheville Entrepreneurship Week” and obtains a proclamation from Mayor Esther Manheimer.

First Hatch “Lunch and Learn” takes place to provide helpful tips and tricks from Founders and experts.


First annual “Hatch This” event takes place to enable aspiring Founders to “go from idea to business plan in a single weekend!”



First “Hatch Demo Day” takes place to spotlight business building progress among Hatch Family Members.


Second annual “Hatch This” event takes place. First Pressure Test piloted.



Hatch AVL Foundation and Mountain BizWorks establish a 2 year partnership to collaborate on a re-started Scale Up Program, covering 4 Scale Up Cohorts. Hatch supports evaluation process of Program applicants and provides key mentorship for companies in the Cohorts


Third annual “Hatch This” event takes place.



The Covid pandemic emphasizes the importance of virtual events and programs. “Hatch This” was canceled for 2020 as a precautionary safety measure. Monthly “Hatch Pitch Parties” and “Hatch Roundtable” continued virtually, providing one of the few ways for entrepreneurs to safely connect.



  • Hatch Innovation Hub is conceived and initial outreach begun.